Your Business Success

Operational excellence is the key to building a high-performing business.

When the right systems are in place with the right people at the helm, the business potential is unlocked, paving the way for future-thinking and long-term sustainable results.

We all know that change is a currency for business and, with the world as it is now, the pace of change is only going to keep accelerating.

Through my experience, I am able to make change work by bringing together my operational and human behaviour expertise.

I use a framework called The Critical Alignment Model. This is a proven and efficient change framework. Within one day, leadership teams can identify where to focus to improve business performance.


A one-day leadership workshop to identify the core focus areas for business improvement and create a plan of action for change.

Using the Critical Alignment Model, we identify the gaps and needs to achieve your business success.


Transforming culture, behaviours and operations by creating new values, roles, and ways of working.

This can range from introducing new departments, to streamlining current processes in order to drive efficiencies and increase profits.


Helping your Project Managers go from ‘good’ to ‘great’. This training is a combination of behaviour coaching and practical project management skills. We explore how to bring teams of different people together to perform at the highest level. Enabling teams to achieve outstanding quality on time and in budget.


The art of building an effective scope of work and being paid for the work you produce. We cover how to protect the company and the client, how to make  negotiations for changes easier to manage, and the mindset, process and skills needed for scope management.

Jo’s expert and practical approach to business combines brilliantly with her creative awareness and keeps those around her motivated and inspired to push their own boundaries and not limit themselves.

Darren Murray - Operations Director, PCH Los Angeles

Find out how to operationalise your business for
increased performance and excellence.